Collection: Military Style Watch Straps

Military watch straps have been favourites of watch wearers for years. Due to their aesthetics, durability and comfort, watch owners often have a variety of these watch straps in their collection allowing them to change the look of their watch extremely easily. You will find a selection of premium military watch straps here including the NATO, Zulu and Marine Nationale styles to galvanise your watch.

Military Style Watch Straps From The Thrifty Gentleman - Affordable Watch Strap Specialists

For the individual who gets down and dirty during the day, but still likes to look their best during the evenings, the combined versatility and durability of military-style watch straps cannot be beaten.

If you collect vintage military watches but don’t want to damage the original straps, The Thrifty Gentleman’s affordable military watch straps remove the stress and double the style.

Or, if you simply want to take advantage of military straps and their convenience, comfort and chic designs in your everyday life, this watch strap collection is the one for you.

Types of Military Style Watch Straps Available From The Thrifty Gentleman

There are three main kinds of military watch strap, including:

NATO: Made available to British soldiers from 1973 onwards, the NATO watch strap was designed with practicality in mind. Originally 20mm in width, fashioned from Admiralty Grey nylon, and complete with brass hardware, now the NATO comes in an array of designs for the modern fashionista. You can find all our options in the military strap collection.

Zulu: The NATO’s unofficial younger brother, Zulu straps became popular with civilians who wanted the NATO strap’s style but couldn’t get one. As such, the Zulu focuses a little more on style than on durability. However, this gives it a minimalist feel that works well with subtle and showy watch faces alike.

Marine Nationale: Dreamt up by divers in the French naval forces of the 60s and 70s, Marine Nationale watch bands are undoubtedly unique. Built to prevent spring-bar failure, if you want a watch strap you won’t have to worry about, the Marine Nationale is the perfect fit. But, with a distinct vintage flair, they don’t disappoint in the wardrobe department either.

Why Choose The Thrifty Gentleman’s Military Straps?

As a niche watch strap company for the budget conscious, The Thrifty Gentleman prioritises affordability and variety.

Our military-style strap collection encompasses a huge range of colours, materials, lug widths and designs, from quick-release mechanisms to traditional straps in elasticated, ribbed or reinforced nylon.

You’re certain to find the military watch strap to suit your style and budget here.