Collection: Nylon Watch Straps

Nylon is one of the most versatile, long lasting and comfortable materials and this is no different when it comes to watch straps. Nylon watch straps are durable and extremely breathable and, with so many colour options and designs, you will find the ideal watch strap for all occasions.

Nylon Watch Straps From The Thrifty Gentleman - Affordable Watch Strap Specialists

Nylon has long been the material of choice for sturdy straps. But it’s not just their durability that these textiles are known for.

The Thrifty Gentleman’s nylon strap collection features a range of colours, patterns and designs to suit any style. With quick-release options and other more traditional spring bar choices, nylon straps are the perfect start to any watch band collection.

As well as surviving through the wear and tear of everyday life, nylon straps are also flexible enough to mould to your wrist, providing the ultimate comfort.

The Many Types of Nylon Straps Available From The Thrifty Gentleman

If you thought the term ‘nylon strap’ was all-encompassing, get ready to experience its variety. Here are some of our most popular nylon watch band options:

Sailcloth Nylon: Though reinforced nylon watch straps have long been available, recently they’ve come back into fashion with the popular sailcloth nylon straps. Fully waterproof and highly durable, they’re perfect for a weekend away with the girls and/or boys.

Woven Nylon: With visible textiles, woven nylon watch straps are great for making a statement. Available in a variety of bold colours and subtle neutrals, they work with both formal and casual outfits.

Elastic Nylon: Pioneered by French naval divers who fashioned their Marine Nationale watch straps from elastic nylon, originally as material from parachutes, these straps are easy to slip on and protect against spring-bar failure.

Ribbed Nylon: Though ribbed nylon is lightweight, it can certainly take a beating. These nylon watch straps are the perfect addition to cargo pants and base layers, no matter what outdoor activity you’re getting involved in.

Military Nylon: As you can probably guess, military-style watch straps make the most of military nylon. Surviving hot and cold climes, salt and fresh water, or a trip to your in-laws, military nylon straps can do it all.

Why Choose The Thrifty Gentleman’s Nylon Straps?

As a niche watch strap company for those working with discerning budgets, The Thrifty Gentleman prioritises affordability and longevity.

Nylon watch straps offer the best of both worlds, with durability and effortless, rugged style woven into every option. Don’t be afraid to experiment - The Thrifty Gentleman carries a wide range of colours and patterns to suit all tastes.