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Zulu Watch Straps From The Thrifty Gentleman - Affordable Watch Strap Specialists

Military-style watch straps have long been popular for their practicality and subtle style. Among fans of NATO and Marine Nationale watch strap styles, Zulu watch straps have gained significant ground.

If you’ve been experimenting with military style but don’t want all the bells and whistles, Zulu straps are perfect for everyday wear. Their statement design, strong hardware and heavy-duty nylon offer incredible durability, no matter what you’re getting up to.

That’s not to say that Zulu straps can’t help overhaul an outfit, however. Their substantial width offers ample room for patterns and bold colours, perfect to spruce up a monochrome ensemble or pair with khaki casuals.

The Long Legacy Of Zulu Watch Straps…

Bold Beginnings: The NATO watch strap was popularised in 1973 as the standard strap for members of the British armed forces. It quickly came to be associated with sophisticated style and unbeatable practicality.

A Suave Solution: But, the NATO was associated mostly with servicemen, meaning everyday gents were unable to take advantage of this high-quality watch strap’s comfort, durability and look. Fast forward and a modern everyday solution was invented: the Zulu watch strap.

Variety and Versatility: As well as appropriating all the best parts of the NATO strap, the hardy woven nylon and robust loops, Zulu watch straps offered wearers a huge amount of variety. Now, among sailcloth nylon watch straps and elastic nylon watch straps, heavy-duty nylon reigns supreme.

A Long-time Favourite: Additionally, while the traditional military NATO had to conform to rigid specifications, Zulu straps could come in any colour or style. With the addition of rounded hardware, Zulu watch straps brought another dimension to wristwear, the popularity of which is yet to wane.

Why Choose The Thrifty Gentleman’s Zulu Watch Straps?

As a niche watch strap company for discerning individuals working with discerning budgets, The Thrifty Gentleman continues the historic legacy and inspiration of military watch straps.

If you want to try a military style watch strap but don’t know where to start, or are looking to add a new accessory to your existing collection, the Zulu is a must-have.

But whilst you are checking out our Zulu watch bands don’t forget to also check out their equally smart siblings - the NATO and Marine Nationale watch strap.