What Watch Will You Wear This Christmas Season?

You could say that no festive outfit is complete without a Christmas watch. Well, that’s what we here at The Thrifty Gentleman say anyway. Whether you’re finally on time for family dinner or rushing to find the perfect gift for that valued third cousin twice removed on Christmas Eve (what was his name again?), your watch will be by your side.

But, the best Christmas watches don’t just need to tell the time. They’ve got to look great throughout the festive season; in the kitchen with your apron, at the dinner table with your best shirt, around the fire with a comfy jumper and in the back garden sneaking a cigar with your father-in-law.

Fortunately for you, The Thrifty Gentleman have compiled our top 5 Christmas watches. No matter your style, below you’ll find this year’s Christmas watch with enough versatility to see you through 2024, too. With our handy styling tips and Christmas watch strap recommendations, you’ll feel like the star on top of the tree.

Lady Holding Watch On Christmas Day

1. MTP-1302PD-3AVEF - Casio

At The Thrifty Gentleman, we’ve long been fans of Casio’s affordable watches, even if their names aren’t exactly memorable. With charming retro flair, these trusted timepieces have longevity unrivalled even by watches that are ten times more expensive. In particular, the MTP-1302PD-3AVEF stands out as a rare example of analogue Casios.

How to style the MTP-1302PD-3AVEF Christmas watch:

The dial of this Christmas watch is a deep, festive, green with sparkling silver components. It’s a wonderful accompaniment for a comfortable jumper on Christmas morning or at dinner next to the tree. If you’re in charge of dinner, it’s a great option to make sure everything is cooked to perfection.

Our recommendation: Why not switch out the generic Casio links for our 20mm Milanese Mesh watch strap? The solid silver band looks polished to perfection as an over-the-cuff addition.

2. Complexity Automatic - Red - Swan and Edgar

Now, this is definitely the watch Santa wears strutting about his workshop. While the classic red is just timeless enough to wear throughout the year, it absolutely screams Christmas. At £190 (pssst, it’s on sale right now for £171), the Complexity Automatic is slightly more expensive. But, it really is worth spending a pretty penny for the compliments you’ll get at the work’s Christmas party.

How to style the Complexity Automatic - Red Christmas watch:

Gold, silver, black and white clothing will make this Christmas watch the centrepiece of your festive fit. However, if there’s one time of year you can get away with pairing green and red, it’s Christmas. Don’t be afraid to clash, but keep your garments simple. After all, the Complexity dial is certainly complex and will triple-handedly carry an outfit.

Our recommendation: While the standard red crocodile leather strap is sublime, our 22mm Raspberry Red Elastic Solo Loop allows the dial to shine.

3. No.27 Midnight Edition - Camden Watches

A relatively new watch brand, this doesn’t stop Camden Watches from infusing their timepieces with British history. The No.27, for example, is named after a century-old London bus route. Additionally, the brand’s motto matches that of Camden: Not for One, But for All. This means high quality at a (relatively) low price. The Midnight Edition will run you £148, but the simplicity makes this a great option for the New Year too. Stick it on your Christmas list and maybe Mrs Claus will be kind - if you’ve been a good boy, of course.

How to style the No.27 Might Edition Christmas watch:

So, what makes the No.27 the best Christmas watch for you? The dial is an inviting midnight blue, great for cold winter nights at the pub with friends. If you struggle to match colourful watches, the rose gold accents and black casing are surprisingly versatile. Thanks to its boldness, this watch will add a touch of sophistication to even the most casual Christmas ensemble.

Our recommendation: Bring this watch into the 21st century by adding a pop of colour with our Tropical Dive Watch Strap in Royal Blue. The classic white accents are a charming reminder of snowy winter skies.

4. Altitude 0034 - Bronze and Brown - Sekonda

A widely known British brand, Sekonda has been in the game since 1966. In that time, they’ve kept their watches affordable and diverse. The Pilot line was originally designed for, you guessed it, pilots. As such, the dials are kept suitably simple and easy to read. The Altitude 0034, with light bronze casing and bold numerals, combines the best of 70s flair with subdued vintage appeal.

How to style the Sekonda Altitude 0034 Christmas watch:

If you’re planning to make a splash with your Christmas outfit, the comfortable simplicity of the Altitude 0034 allows your fashion sense to come first. It’s a perfect pair for warm neutrals, beiges and cream casuals in the run-up to Christmas. But, it won’t look out of place on the outside of a crisp white shirt at your boss’s New Year bash.

Our recommendation: For a slightly more sleek styling, The Thrifty Gentleman Smooth Grain Leather White Stitched Watch Strap preserves the Altitude 0034’s retro tendencies.

5. Double Down S44 - Quartz White - Diesel

A modern Italian brand, Diesel is renowned for stand-out and youthful fashion. When it comes to watches, they don’t shy away from contemporary styling with a luxury air. Not even global warming can stop you from having a white Christmas with the help of the Double Down S44. Despite being resoundingly cohesive, this Christmas watch is loud and proud.

How to style the Diesel Double Down S44 Christmas watch:

Such a unique watch will easily pair with an equally unique outfit. Monochrome with silver or gold accents will work best, of course, but the beauty of white watches is their ability to stand out in even the most colourful Christmas get-ups. However, you probably won’t get the best out of this watch with a neutral outfit, and do be careful around the Cranberry sauce.

Our recommendation: The Thrifty Gentleman Buffalo Grain Leather Watch Strap in White will take the slightly harsh edge from this watch without sacrificing its stunning colour.

A Watch Strap is for Life, Not Just For Christmas

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If you’re struggling to choose the perfect strap for your Christmas watch, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

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