Affordable Watches and The Celebrities Who Wear Them

When you think of A-list celebrities, from Hollywood actors to award-winning singers, you probably don’t picture them dressing their wrists in watches that you can buy cheaply on Amazon. However, when it comes to watches, expensive doesn’t always need to mean better.

Whether you are shopping for function or style, there are many affordable watches that offer you the same (or similar) to those that are priced much higher than what most would consider affordable.

As many celebrities have proven, there are many affordable watches that even the most fashion-conscious of us would consider uber-stylish. In this blog, we check out some of those budget-friendly fashion-savvy celebs who rock the cheaper wristwear.

So, without further ado, let's find out more.


Known for his roles in popular movies and TV shows, Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg has often been seen wearing Timex watches on many occasions.

Men’s Timex watches start from as low as £25, especially if you go for one of the iconic cheaper ranges, such as the Timex Expedition or the Timex Easy Reader. The latter being a watch also famously worn by Jack Nicholson – if that doesn’t exude cool, we’re not sure what does.

Although some Timex watches still fall into the higher price bracket for the average person, they are definitely not in the same price range as the more luxurious watches.

Why a Timex watch you might ask? Why not! Timex watches are timeless.

Wahlberg also co-founded his own clothing brand, Municipal. With prices ranging from $14 - $349 (£12.34 - £307.56). Wahlberg’s clothing brand focuses on durability and quality. Both Timex and Municipal strive to offer something different. Perhaps these characteristics might explain why Wahlberg is such a fan of Timex watches.


Retro Casio Watch - Affordable Watches and Coffee

Casio watches are another staple affordable watch brand and if you look in the right places, you will find some of their watches for as low as £10!

Kristen Stewart’s Casio watch falls on the lower end, priced at only $22.95 (£20.20). Stewart has been seen wearing her Casio LA11WB-1 watch from their vintage collection in many of her looks. Why? Probably because Casio watches are retro, which is one of the reasons they look so awesome.

Casio watches complement cool and casual looks while still giving off a pretty epic, sometimes 80s, vibe.

Great job, Kristen. We might be fans of Timex watches, but we absolutely love Casio watches!


Affordable Watches and The Celebrities Who Wear Them - Seiko Watch

There is something really quite appealing about wearing the same watch brand as a sportsperson - especially when it is one of the most successful sportspeople of all time - Novak Djokovic.

With timekeeping being one of the most important elements of a celebrity sportsperson’s life, you could do a lot worse than choosing the same affordable watch brand. Novak started his partnership with Seiko back in 2014 and although that official partnership has now ended, he has still been seen wearing his Seiko Astron

How amazing that he was also wearing a Seiko when he claimed the Wimbledon title in 2019! 

Although the Astron is maybe not one of the most affordable Seiko options, you can easily find a new automatic Seiko watch for under £100 - great specs, great brand, great price! 


Apple Watches - Great Affordable Watches That Celebrities Wear

Apple watches are continuing to grow in popularity, so it’s no surprise that an array of celebrities have jumped on the trend. Apple watches have been spotted on the wrists of many well-known celebrities from artists Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi to actress Sophie Turner. 

Why? Because when it comes to practicality and watches that offer a fashion flare, the Apple watch takes the top of the cake. They are functional and they look pretty good too.

Apple watches are considered to be a bit of a luxury but when you compare them to watches on the more lavish end of the scale, one would argue they are considered affordable too.

Of course, not all celebrities are wearing off-the-shelf affordable Apple watches, instead often with a myriad of customisations, but all in all, Apple watches are a pretty popular cheaper option among A-lister celebrities.

Apple watches are also great for having easily detachable and replaceable straps, so it is a super option if you’re looking to achieve a similarly elaborate look to one of your favourite celebs.


There is no doubt that owning a historic watch brand such as Omega or Rolex is still seen as aspirational and often carries a huge status symbol.

However, with so many celebrities nowadays choosing to rock the affordable watch look don’t think you have to break the bank to emulate your heroes!

We picked out 5 iconic budget watches from the movies in an earlier article. So, whether you are going for the Arnold Schwarzenegger look with a Seiko as worn in Predator or a Casio as worn by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, affordability CAN equal fashionable.

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