The 5 Most Iconic Budget Movie Watches Of All Time

When you are watching a movie, there is a good chance that the first thing you notice is perhaps not the watch that the actors and actresses are wearing, especially during some of those all-important scenes.

However, whilst you might not necessarily notice it, there are a number of watches that have become synonymous with the films they were in and the actors who wore them, and many people find their inspiration for their next watch buy from the movie they see.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular budget watches that have appeared in some seriously famous movies.

Casio DW290 (featured in Mission Impossible)

Tom Cruise wearing Casio DW290 watch in Mission Impossible

When it comes to Mission Impossible, it makes sense that the main character, Ethan Hunt, wears a watch that is as tough and durable as he is, which is why Tom Cruise can be seen sporting the Casio DW290 in the movie.

One of the more unique watches from the brand due to its shape, even though the movie came out some time ago, you can still purchase these relatively easily now and are well and truly in the budget watch category. It comes with 200m water resistance and shock resistance, which means that it is the watch that any hero can wear!

“Red Light! Green Light” The decision is yours – make the right one!

Casio G-Shock DW5600C (featured in Speed)

Keanu Reeves wearing Casio G-Shock DW5600 watch in Speed

Your first instinct may not be to spend your time whilst watching this movie wondering about the timepiece that Officer Jack Traven wears; after all, it does feature a rather exciting 'on the edge of your seat' storyline. That doesn’t mean though that the Casio G-Shock DW5600, as worn by Keanu Reeves during the movie, is not a watch to love.

The G-Shock range is well known around the world, not only because it is featured within this fast-paced movie, but because they are stylish, cool and functional watches that are most definitely built to last.

“Pop Quiz, hotshot” You want to read one article to find out what we think about G-Shocks “What do you do? What do you do?” Maybe check out our review of the G-Shock ‘Casioak’ here.

Seiko SNJ025P1 (featured in Predator)

Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing Seiko SNJ025P1 watch in Predator

This particular watch is known as “The Arnie”, which may not be a surprise seeing as it featured in the Predator movie. The go-to watch for Arnold Schwarzenegger, you are going to bet that this is a robust watch that is designed to last - no matter what you put it through.

Now, of course, we know that in the Predator, “Dutch” was trying to escape the jungle whilst avoiding being killed by an alien race whose sole focus was hunting down humans. With its 48mm case diameter, although much more subtle in appearance and wear, worst case scenario, Arnie could maybe just have hit Predator over the head with it.

Predator may have been one “ugly mother******” but this watch sure isn’t.

Casio CA53W Twincept Databank (featured in Back to The Future)

Michael J Fox wearing Casio CA53W watch in Back To The Future

When you think of Back to the Future, then the chances are that you will think of hoverboards and self-lacing trainers that feature in the second movie; however, from the first film, it is all about this fantastic watch.

The Casio CA53W is the ultimate retro watch. It combines the digital dial that has become so linked with the Casio name with integrated calculator. It is a little bigger than other watches out there, but “Great Scott!” this adds to its great style and unique appeal.

Seiko 6105 Captain Willard (featured in Apocalypse Now)

Charlie Sheen wearing Seiko 6105 Captain Willard watch in Apocalypse Now

If you were heading out to war, you would want to make sure that you wore a watch that would be solid and durable, no matter what you faced. Featured in the iconic war film Apocalypse Now, the Seiko 6105 Captain Willard was a watch as vital as the character that it was named after.

A dive watch was the watch chosen by US servicemen during the Vietnam War thanks to the rugged nature of its design and its ability to withstand even the most demanding conditions. “Charlie don’t surf” but he sure could have done with this uber-cool legendary dive watch.

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