5 Reasons Why The Elastic NATO Is The Perfect Watch Strap For Everyone

The NATO strap has always been a staple strap for people looking for the combination of efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness but there is a new sheriff in town - the Elastic NATO watch strap.

Steeldive SD1953 watch accessorised with Navy Blue Elastic NATO watch strap

The original NATO watch strap offers additional security that your watch won’t slide around your wrist when worn. The strap is also tremendously durable and reliable, but for people who suffer from either larger wrists or changing wrist sizes due to changes in the environment, the standard NATO strap is sometimes not as flexible as some people would want.

The parachute NATO strap otherwise known as the Marine Nationale strap is one of our customer’s favourite options but it is not for everyone. Fear not though there is another elastic option to bear in mind – The Elastic NATO.

The Elastic NATO strap is super effective at delivering a snug and extremely comfortable fit, which is not always the case with a regular NATO strap. This particular option adds in elastic rubber webs to the nylon strands and the result is great, since you end up with great looking material with the added benefits of elasticity. The result is it can fit multiple wrist sizes without the need for a lot of adjustment.

So, let’s take a further look at the Elastic NATO strap and check out the Top 5 reasons you should be considering adding one to your collection today!

1) Cost

One of the great things about most NATO straps are their unbelievably good price point and great news – the Elastic NATO is also an extremely affordable option.

There are of course some more expensive options on the market but, inheriting some of the characteristics of the Marine Nationale strap (elastic nylon material and emulating the old parachute designs) these straps are often a very cost effective alternative option to their more expensive siblings.

This is great, because with plenty of varieties of strap to choose from, you don't need to stop at one!

2) Versatility

Another great thing about the Elastic NATO strap is that it suits a variety of different watch styles. In addition, the fact that it wears equally well in climates that are very cold or very hot without a problem really adds value to this option.

Much like the standard NATO strap, being able to add it to different types of watches really helps immensely, especially if you have multiple watches in your collection.

The fact that these straps allow you to mix and match with a variety of watch styles results in this being the perfect strap when you want to accessorise your watch to match your specific outfit depending on your mood, without having to break the bank to do so.

3) Large Variety of Different Design Styles

So, you have a great watch that you want to tailor to your own personal style. What you need is a strap option that comes in multiple colours and styles to give you the variety you need.

Thankfully, similarly to the standard NATO strap, there are a plethora of different options in the Elastic NATO watch strap range, from the single colour Black strap, to the Bond Black and Grey stripe to the Army Green with yellow stripe (spoiler alert – one of our best sellers!).

Obviously, everyone doesn’t like the same style, so being able to choose from a number of options truly makes a difference. But why just stick with one strap? Pick up a few straps to express your trend ideas without having to worry about not having a particular watch strap design in your collection to help you achieve the look you're after.

4) Super Comfortable

Ok, the 3 benefits prior to this one you could conceivably say are similar reasons to why you should buy a regular NATO strap. But this here is the primary reason why you should be considering an Elastic NATO strap – comfort!

Due to the added elasticity of the material this strap gives you the fantastic looks of the NATO strap with the cosiness (and looks!) of a Marine Nationale strap.

What we don’t always consider is how much our wrist size changes during the day, depending on the current season, weather, or what we’re doing, for example, exercising.

Needless to say, the parachute and NATO straps are fantastic options that look and feel great but the Elastic NATO strap is one of the, if not the, most comfortable options for all occasions.

5) Fantastic Fit

One of the factors you need to consider when buying a watch strap is its length and potentially the restrictions this length imposes. Although all straps accommodate a broad range of wrist sizes, for people with larger wrists, the NATO strap can sometimes not be long enough.

With the Elastic NATO strap, there is a lot more flexibility in the strap due to the nature of the elasticated material. A great option therefore for a broader audience and quite possibly one of the best options for bigger wristed people.

Elastic NATO Watch Strap in Green and Yellow from The Thrifty Gentleman

What Do We Think in Conclusion?

The Elastic NATO watch strap is one of the newer options available to watch wearers. There is no doubt in our mind though that it is a really fantastic option.

The strap is flexible, comfortable, high quality, and it conveys extraordinary value for money. With all of these considerations in mind, it's no surprise that we recommend you try one of these straps out for yourself. We are sure you will be delighted with the quality and comfort you get for your money!

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