Collection: Elastic Nylon Watch Straps

Elastic Nylon Watch Straps From The Thrifty Gentleman - Affordable Watch Strap Specialists

Elasticated nylon as a material for watch straps may not come immediately to mind, but they’re actually one of the most practical, comfortable and versatile choices for watch enthusiasts.

With a snug yet flexible fit that conforms to your wrist, you’d be surprised how hardy these trusty nylon watch straps really are. Plus, they’re available in a range of colours, from bright primaries to sophisticated neutrals.

Embrace this blend of functionality and fashion with The Thrifty Gentleman’s range of elastic nylon watch straps, building upon the necessities with the fun of fashion.

What Sets Elastic Nylon Watch Straps Apart?

At first glance, elastic nylon watch straps seem simple, especially compared to all their nylon watch strap counterparts. However, they’re an easy and unique way to spice up your favourite watch.

Seamless Flow: Unlike traditional straps which can be limited by adjustment holes, buckles and pins, elastic nylon watch straps wrap right around, adapting to the size of your wrist, with no need for any fiddling. This creates a seamless flow and makes them ideal for any wrist size.

Statement Patterns: They may have a simple design, but elastic nylon straps are by no means short on style. Nylon is known for its pattern potential, and The Thrifty Gentleman nylon watch strap collection doesn’t shy away from statement colours and intricate motifs. Not to mention, many of your favourite styles are available in elastic nylon, such as our elasticated NATO straps.

Easy Switches: Elastic nylon is famed for its practical qualities, most commonly in Marine Nationale and one-piece watch straps. As well as being waterproof and comfortable, nylon watch straps allow you to put on and whip off your watch in a matter of seconds.

Why Choose The Thrifty Gentleman’s Elastic Nylon Watch Straps?

As a niche watch strap company for discerning individuals working with discerning budgets, The Thrifty Gentleman marries style with practicality. Nowhere is this more evident than in the elastic nylon watch strap collection.

Available in a range of colours and lug widths, you’re sure to find a nylon watch strap that suits your style.