Vincero Watches Review - Where Did They Come From & Should I Buy One?

The fact you are here means the chances are good that you’ve seen the ever-present internet ads for Vincero watches. The watch brand seems to have a knack for marketing and its advertisements are almost ubiquitous across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Vincero Watch in Black

Vincero watches are heavily marketed as an “affordable luxury.” In some instances, they’re touted by YouTubers and Instagram influencers as stylish timepieces that offer the same quality as high-end luxury watches without their eye-watering price tags.

But Vincero Chrono and other watches from the brand have already garnered a sometimes bad rap for their lacklustre quality. You will find some feedback online (but by no means all feedback) saying it is all marketing with nothing to show for it.

After being bombarded by their marketing gimmicks, you’re probably wondering: are Vincero watches any good? Are they worth all the hype?

In this unbiased Vincero review, we are here to clear the air and set the record straight about these highly marketed watches. We’ll cover Vincero quality, design, and their overall look.

A Brief Background / History of Vincero Watches

Vincero doesn’t boast legacy watchmaking history like other leading brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Omega. It’s a fairly youthful watchmaker that entered the watchmaking scene just recently in 2014.

It was founded by college mates who relocated from the United States to China. The brand itself was conceived to fill a market gap for affordable yet high-quality watches. Their target customer was someone who’s tired of mass-produced minimalist designs (aka Swatch et al) and overpriced high-end timepieces (aka Rolex et al).

Initially, the company produced men’s watches exclusively. But it didn’t take long for the youngsters to send a seismic wave across the world of horology, partly thanks to its line of world-beater automatic and quartz pieces.

Vincero Dive Watch

Even from the get-go, Vincero quality in terms of design and materials resonated well across the industry, as did its fair pricing and unique watch designs. Today, the company has diversified into a fully-fledged fashion accessory house that makes, in addition to watches, an array of accessories that include blue-light blocking glasses, sunglasses, and bracelets.

If you’re wondering, vincero is an Italian word for “I will win”. However, the question of whether Vincero has won (or winning) at watchmaking is something that’s debatable. The brand’s watches, including Vincero Chrono, are made by China-based manufacturers, while customer support is done in-house.

For the ardent fans of the watchmaker, its detail-oriented approach to watchmaking is something they love about the company. The brand is also known for cutting out the intermediaries by selling its watches directly to consumers, which is another way it manages to keep the prices competitive.

Vincero claims that each of its watches is made using quality materials and engineering practices. They often cite premium materials like marble, Italian leather, and sapphire crystal. Some of the brand’s best-sellers include Vincero Chrono S, Vincero Altitude and Vincero Icon, just to mention the top-performers.

Vincero Watches Market Feedback

Vincero watches were initially received well by watch wearers and fans. This didn’t come as a shocking surprise given the posh-sounding Italian name and that Vincero watches look and feel amazing, not to mention the pricing is quite appealing.

It also helped that Vincero produced watches in small batches. They claimed that every bit of the watchmaking process was completed in-house, which often appeals to most customers. Their attention to detail and dedication to perfection also paid off because the watches ending up on customers’ wrists were genuinely well-made and top-notch.

The market has maybe cooled off on Vincero watches somewhat which could explain their diversification into other markets. Little wonder then that the watchmaker was trying to reach as many people as possible with internet ads.

Much of the recent negativity towards the brand’s watches arises from the difference between promised Vincero quality versus reality met by people wearing their timepieces. For instance, the company purports that it takes each and every watch it makes through a rigorous quality control procedure, but the wearing experience has been referenced to be sometimes a different story.

Common complaints include watches stopping to work for no apparent reason, band clasps coming off, and loose watch hands. These aren’t exactly small issues; they’re deal-breakers for any serious watch wearer, let alone an avid collector.

Design Review

One of the brand’s most recognisable products is the Vincero Chrono S. By almost every aspect, this is a premium watch with aesthetics to match. Some of their fans have even compared it to TAG Heuer timepieces.

However, the dial design isn’t something to write home about. Both the second and minute hands lag behind the chapter ring, while the dial face looks somewhat like white paper. The watch itself also has some chunky elements to it with sharp angles.

Vincero watches come in a variety of materials and colours, from walnut-coloured straps to classic gunmetal construction. Most Vincero watches are fitted with Miyota quartz and automatic movements, while the rest are equipped with other quartz mechanisms.

While the design is eye-catching and somewhat flashy, the overall design can feel a little bit cheap and inconsistent.

Vincero Quality

The majority of Vincero watches are made of 316L stainless steel, which is a surgical-grade, corrosion-resistant, and hard-wearing steel commonly found among timepieces in the price range. It also uses other premium-quality materials like marble, Italian leather, and sapphire crystal.

When it comes to Vincero quality, the buyer base is split, with most of them casting some doubt on the engineering and material integrity. A flagship product like Vincero Chrono advertises a 5 ATM (50m) water resistance, which is way above the standard 30m available offered in many other more expensive watches.

The back of the watch sports what’s supposedly Italian marble, another thing that proponents love about Vincero quality. This is a tough material that can stand up well to everyday use and standard wear.

Customers get to choose from a variety of bands, including Italian leather and stainless steel. While the leather in question is certainly top-notch, it can feel a bit stiff but this is not uncommon in good quality leather watch straps that need to be worn in. To complete the ensemble, Vincero uses sapphire-coated crystal glass, which is scratch and damage proof.

All good qualities in isolation, but with market commentary around its quality control, could you argue that it is "style over substance"?

Overall Thoughts - Are They Worth a Buy?

Vincero watches elicit a mixed feeling. Do they match their marketing hype? That’s a resounding no but that maybe has more to do with Vincero's excellent marketing efforts.

These certainly aren’t luxury watches in the calibre of Rolex or Patek Phillippe (!), however, they’re fairly well-made and worth the lower price tag. Just beware that quality control may not to be at the same level as other watch brands in this price range.

A watch for the fashionista? Sure, why not. A watch for the watch connoisseur? I still have my doubts.

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