Suit Up with a Sleek Rubber Strap Watch - But is it Formal Enough?

Man in Suit Wearing a Watch

Under-dressing yourself will say more about your character than anything you ever say or do. First impressions last; unfortunately, it’s challenging to change someone’s opinion once it is made up. Your choice of clothing and the accessories you pair up as a whole pull together your outfit to create an image of you that will stand the test of time.

So, when it comes to the type of watch you choose to couple up with your suit and tie, it’s a pretty big decision. You don’t want to let down a perfectly decorated outfit with a watch that doesn’t go with the suit.

You're in the right place though if you’re thinking hard about your rubber watch straps and whether they’ll fit closely with your suit.

But, you know what, it can be the perfect option for a touch of contemporary class meshed with personal style. Depending on whether you like a fitted suit, unstructured, tailored or a slightly more casual suit, we’ll give you the top advice for how to accompany your rubber watch strap with it.

Whilst word-on-the-street argues that rubber watch straps are only for more casual attires in the modern day, those who move away from standard conventions progress fashion trends to new and exciting areas.

So, with your perfectly tailored suit, a rubber watch strap isn’t going to stick out as an ugly duckling. Instead, it can be the perfect accessory to wear with a suit for a more contemporary aesthetic.

An Overview of Watch Straps in History

In tandem with technology, watch straps have journeyed through time and experienced some fascinating evolutions to keep up with consumer preferences. From the classic leather strap to metal bands, NATO to nylon straps - the transformation of watch straps hasn’t gone amiss.

However, the early 20th century saw the emergence of rubber in addition to the introduction of innovative substances like ceramic and titanium.

When we fast forward to the present day, quick-release mechanisms, vintage style rubber watch bands and the adoption of interchangeable straps allow for effortless customisation and reflect a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

The transformative journey for watch straps unveils a tapestry of materials, designs, and functionalities that goes beyond just a strap - but a canvas for delicate craftsmanship mixed with contemporary expression.

As times change and fashion trends come and go, there has also been one constant that is resistant to consumer trendsetters: personal taste. The latest trendy watch strap will only last so long before filtering on to the next. So, it’s essential always to remember the significance of your style when thinking about fashion choices and statements.

Sternglas Watch on Rubber Watch Strap

What Kind of Watch Do You Traditionally Wear with a Suit?

To be very matter-of-fact about things, it doesn’t matter which watch and strap you accessorise with your suit. Well, as long as you’re not wearing your Divers watch, Apple watch or Samsung watch perhaps - those can stay at home, even if you’ve put a fancy watch face on your smartwatch.

Conversely, traditional norms will have you opt for classic watch styles for formal occasions. For black tie events, the most appropriate watch strap style is typically black leather, as it complements the event's sophisticated nature and colour aesthetic. Including tuxedos and evening gowns, a black watch strap exudes a classy, elegant look that aligns with the traditional dress code.

A more modern metallic watch strap would also be appropriate, especially with silver or gold tones. It adds a touch of sophistication and adds a spark to your attire. For those who like to be a little flashier, a metallic watch strap will certainly donn the sparkle you want to catch others' gaze.

But that’s tradition. We’re not here to tell you about traditional watch styles but to shift your perspective on pairings with suits as we emphasise expressing personal style through your watch and strap choices.

Are Rubber Watch Straps Formal?

If you’re asking yourself questions about the formality of a rubber watch strap, you likely hold some common misconceptions. Perhaps stereotypes have told you they are exclusively casual or sporty, but it’s crucial to break down those formalities traditionally associated with watch bands.

Whilst black leather and metal straps have been synonymous with formal attire, modern fashion trends are changing the watch landscape. Whilst previously considered for sporty events, rubber accessories are reshaping these pre-held dispositions and are proving to be much more versatile.

Its inherent flexibility, durability, and contemporary design challenge preconceived notions of informality and offer a stylish alternative for those seeking a more modern flair. Emphasising personality and character, rubber watch straps find a place on the spectrum of choice where their sophistication and unconventional charm marry one another ideally to create a legitimate choice.

What Watches Look Good on a Rubber Strap?

The watch market has geared towards a rubber strap trend, particularly in the sports watch industry - but it’s reaching far beyond that as celebrities like Drake and his Patek Philippe Aquanaut or Ellen Degeneres with her Rolex Yachtmaster on Oysterflex ™ Bracelet.

As brands continue to diversify colour options, the contemporary appeal to rubber watch straps donned with a suit and tie has contributed to the popularity of the strap.

But here are a list of some of the best current watches to pair with a watch strap:

  • Breitling Endurance Pro
  • Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic Chronograph
  • TUDOR Pelagos
  • ORIS Diver Calibre 400
  • DOXA Sub 300 Carbon Aqua Lung US Divers Sharkhunter
  • Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda PF Sport
  • H. Moser & Cie Streamliner Flyback Chronograph Automatic Boutique Edition
  • Zenith Defy Skyline Ice Blue
  • Tsar Bomba Watch
Adam Kimmel Watch on Black Ribbed Rubber Watch Strap

    Personal Style Trumps Conventions

    Despite the function - a formal black tie event or simply a workplace culture where suits are dominant - a rubber watch strap adds a contemporary look to your straightened look.

    It’s essential as times develop to embrace personal preferences, especially as trends come and go - there always needs to be something that people notice as ‘your style’. When you can balance tradition with individual expression in fashion, you’ll be confident walking into any room.

    Individualism is the key to your character - the cause of the respect you receive, the friendships you make and the working relationships you foster. Whilst it may seem like a small detail - people notice.

    So, if you want to wear a suit with a rubber watch strap, then absolutely! Go for it! You’ll look smart and show off your contemporary and individualist aesthetic that emboldens your appearance.

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