What is the Most Popular Watch Strap Size?

One of the questions that we are often asked is "How do I measure my watch to find out which watch strap to buy?".

Our earlier post shows you how to measure the lug width of your watch. Back to our original topic, interestingly the response we received back from our customers often came back the same. Without even having to run a calculation or analyse the sales, I would have bet an awful lot of money on the answer to the original question coming back as 20mm.

And, you know what - I would have won that bet!

Measuring a 20mm lug width watch

But what about the other watch strap sizes? And what proportion of sales are actually made in this most popular size. Well, read on to find out more!

In order to calculate the results, we took all of the sales of the last 6 months and worked out what percentage of sales were made in our most popular sizes. And the results... drum roll please... are in!

The Most Popular Watch Size

20mm - 41%

18mm - 29%

22mm - 27%

16mm - 2%

24mm - 1%

I'll be completely honest - I was expecting the gulf between 20mm and 18mm/22mm to be wider but clearly there are watches with a wide variety of lug widths out there!

What is interesting is that the differing style of your watch and the case size all play a part in the width of the watch strap/lug width and, therefore, although 20mm is the most popular for some strap styles, for others it could well be a smaller (or even larger) watch strap that is most common.

Therefore, what can you expect from The Thrifty Gentleman based on these results in the future? Three things:

  1. A lot of new watch strap ranges in the 20mm lug width range;
  2. A lot of these new watch straps also being available in 18mm and 22mm;
  3. The unexpected!

Maybe a little sneak peak to some of those surprises...

We set up The Thrifty Gentleman to cater for all watch wearers, not just watch aficionados. Therefore, expect to see in the future more watch straps in the 12mm, 14mm and 16mm sizes. We want to make sure that we're also accessible to customers with smaller watches.

Whether you are looking for a long term watch strap for your watch or a variety of straps to accessorise your watch depending on your mood, we want The Thrifty Gentleman to be your first point of call.

On that note, I would just like to say thank you for reading this article and to watch this space... excuse the pun!

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