5 Easy Steps To Install Your Marine Nationale Strap

In this tutorial we will advise you on how to install your Marine Nationale Strap.

Ever since we started selling watch straps and accessories, the Elastic Nylon Marine Nationale watch strap has proven to be one of the most popular with our customers. This shouldn't be a surprise - they are one of the most comfortable and versatile watch straps on the market and with The Thrifty Gentleman range you will find a wide range of sizes and styles to match your watch.

Installing a Marine Nationale strap may seem challenging at first, but once you have the know-how you'll be wondering why you didn't buy one of these straps sooner!

Please read on for our simple step-by-step guide to installing your Marine Nationale watch strap.

Step 1 - Get Your Parts Ready

Parts ready to install Marine Nationale watch strap

Firstly, make sure that you have everything prepared. You will need 2 spring bars, a spring bar tool (to install the spring bars), watch (with original strap and spring bars removed) and your Marine Nationale strap.

In today's tutorial, we will be demonstrating the process on a Vostok Komandirskie Red Dive Watch and Grey and Red stripe Marine Nationale strap, available for £9.99, here.

Step 2 - Line Up Your Marine Nationale Strap To Your Watch

First step in installing Marine Nationale watch strap to watch

Unlike with a NATO watch strap installation, the Marine Nationale strap is lined up to the back of the watch before the spring bars are installed.

TIP - Turn your watch upside down with the crown facing you. Place the Marine Nationale strap on top of your watch so the underside of the buckle is pointing upwards. From experience, this is the step that goes wrong most often so double check that everything is lined up correctly!

Step 3 - Install The Spring Bars

Attach Marine Nationale strap to watch with both spring bars

Whilst the Marine Nationale watch strap is still placed on the back of your watch, use your spring bar tool to re-apply the 2 spring bars to your watch.

TIP - Remember that you only need to attach the single layer of the strap to your watch with the spring bars. Your hand will end up going through the loop, as shown above, when you wear your watch strap.

Step 4 - Adjust The Sliding Keeper And Then Attach The Clasp

Close buckle on Marine Nationale watch strap

Your Marine Nationale watch strap is now installed to your watch. The final step is ensuring that the watch is the correct size for your wrist. You do this by sliding the keeper up and down the strap until the loop is the right size for your wrist.

Attaching the clasp to the keeper completes the loop and you are now ready to put your watch on.

TIP - It is possible to re-adjust your strap whilst it is on your wrist. This is ultimately an easier way to ensure that the loop is the best fit for your wrist size.

Step 5 - You Are Done!

Front of Marine Nationale watch strap in grey and red stripe whilst being worn
Back of Marine Nationale watch strap in grey and red stripe whilst being worn

Congratulations - it's time to enjoy your new watch strap!

If this article has inspired you to expand your Marine Nationale Watch Strap collection, check out all of our Marine Nationale Straps. Available from only £9.99 (excluding sale discounts)!

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