The Ultimate List of Watch Strap Colours to Wear In 2022

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Creating the right outfit is very important, especially if you’re wanting to stay ahead of the fashion trends. But why stop with your clothes and your other accessories – let’s ensure your watch strap stays fashionable too!

If you want to be on top of the fashion trends, this article, where we check out the top 2022 colours of the year, will provide you with the insight you need!

Not only will you create an amazing, beautiful on trend outfit, but we will also help your look stand out anywhere you go. Which I’m sure is making you wonder - what are the main fashion colour trends for 2022? So, without further ado, here are the Top 8 watch strap colours to focus on this year.

1) Very Peri

Very Peri is a combination of periwinkle blue hue with some violet red undertones. This was named the colour of the year 2022 by Pantone, and it’s not surprising as it’s extremely visually appealing, and therefore also great for a variety of outfits.

Blending red’s excitement with blue’s faithfulness is amazing and it does make everything stand out in a very creative and enjoyable manner. If you’re already wearing something in Very Peri, fear not, here are some colours that you can match with this hugely popular colour to stay bang on trend – white, beige, navy blue and dark grey.

Check out some watch strap options below:

Luxury Calf Buffalo Grain Leather Watch Strap In White

NATO Watch Strap in Beige

Marine Nationale Watch Strap in Navy Blue

Perlon Watch Strap in Grey

2) Vibrant Green

Vibrant green or Kermit the Frog green is widely known for being an extremely popular colour this year. It’s spirited and it also gives a sense of serenity and calm, which helps lower anxiety and stress levels.

On top of that, you can easily combine it with other colours like fuchsia pink. If you want, you can also tone it with various green shades. That’s why it’s well worth testing it out, especially if you want to have a beautiful, immersive, but also calming colour as the main part of your outfit.

3) Crisp white

White is the ultimate colour for a lot of people, not only in 2022 but universally. You can use it as a blank canvas and accessorize it with all kinds of colours. The idea here is that white appears clean, fresh and pure.

There are all kinds of accessories that you can try out with this colour, and it’s the coolness of that idea which truly makes it striking and interesting. With that in mind, if you can choose textured white fabrics, that will help soften your appearance and make it more interesting.

Of course, white is also the ideal colour especially if you go outside in hot weather.

4) Chocolate brown

Darker brown that mimics the tone of chocolate is a great option because it suits many skin tones. It also adds more character into the mix, which is something a lot of us want to see. On top of that, brown is the colour associated with resilience, security and safety.

It also gives you plenty of ways to stylize it for work, but, don’t worry, it can be just as good for a casual style. And that’s what truly makes it such a great option for our colour of the year 2022.

It has versatility, but you can easily optimize it based on your style too. That alone really makes it an incredible option, and something to take into account. If you're looking for an on trend watch strap, check out this option below:

Luxury Calf Leather Watch Strap in Medium Brown

5) Buttermilk yellow

This particular colour is interesting because it’s paler when compared to a sunshine hue, yet warmer when compared to a cream yellow. What it does is it offers a great hybrid between colour and neutrals. That means if you’re looking to have a minimalist aesthetic, this can work great for you.

It delivers a very appealing, optimistic tone, and you get that sense of creativity and hope. On top of that, you can have all kinds of gold jewellery with this colour, which helps add to the style and experience, while also conveying a great sense of creativity.

That alone truly makes it stand out and very distinctive when compared to other options.

6) Soft lilac

Lilac is a purple shade, and one that’s really visually impressive right from the off. The ideal thing here about lilac is that it delivers a very sophisticated look. It adds a sense of quality and spirituality. Plus, it also allows you to unwind and relax, calm down and just create your own tranquil environment.

It’s a great colour to try out, and the visuals and style you get here are nothing short of amazing. With that in mind, you can also combine it with various coloured accessories, blue, pink and yellow being prime examples.

Check out these affordable nylon straps for a great complement to soft lilac:

Seatbelt NATO Watch Strap in Blue

Elastic Solo Loop Watch Strap in Bright Pink

7) Citrus lime

We already talked about green, but what about lime? This is a great colour you can try out in 2022, since it gives that sense of vitality and style. It can easily make you stand out, and it can be great for weddings as well as any casual activities.

Lime accessories are also very appealing, and they work great with a full-lime outfit. On top of that, if you have a pale skin tone, you can add lime into the outfit so it can give you the contrast you want. It’s totally worth trying it out at the very least.

8) Cobalt blue

Another colour that might very well be our colour of the year 2022 is cobalt blue. This is the type of colour that has a calming effect. It also adds a sense of authority and confidence.

Needless to say, this is a great pick for anyone that wants a business attire. It looks cool, and it adds that sense of value and style that you always want to see. Plus, the attention to detail is great, and you will find yourself amazed with how well it all adds up as part of your overall ensemble.

Lady with off the shoulder jumper wearing watch with milanese mesh watch strap


So now you have the fashion colour trends of 2022 it is a great idea to assess which of these colours would work for you! Knowing what is on trend will really make you elevate your overall look and stand out. But don’t just focus on the core colours – keep in mind the complimentary colours too. This is where we believe your watch strap choices will really start taking your outfit to another level.

We believe that all the colours listed above stand out, and you can easily integrate them in a vast range of your outfits. While there is a predefined colour of the year 2022, the reality is that each one of us has our own favourite colour.

It all comes down to the way we mix and match everything to create the perfect outfit. It’s all about experimenting and seeing what you enjoy the most. One thing is certain, once you start testing out some of the colours in this list, you will be amazed with how many outfits you can start working on.

Check our watch straps out and don’t hesitate to pick an option that compliments your favourite colour!

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