Watch Strap Inspiration: Casio World Time "Casio Royale" AE-1200WH

Casio World Time AE-1200WH Watch Strap Inspiration

Welcome to article 1 in this Watch Inspiration series, where I, Jonathan, the founder of The Thrifty Gentleman, will share some of my thoughts on what watch strap I think perfectly complements a particular watch from my collection. Or certainly a watch/watch strap combination I like, anyway!

In these articles, I will share some of my own ideas in the hope that they will inspire you to think about how you too can accessorise and individualise your own timepiece.

I hope you enjoy reading!


In week 1, we are going to start with an absolute beauty - the Casio World Time AE-1200WH, also known as the "Casio Royale".

You don't have to search for too long online to see the love that this watch receives. This watch combines an unorthodox square shape (unorthodox compared moreso to standard round cased watches, rather than the ever-effective square shape of the standard digital Casio of course) with a vintage look all for an unbelievably affordable price. At time of writing this watch can be bought from a number of online retailers for £30. This is a perfect starter, everyday or even "beater" watch.

But what about its nickname - the "Casio Royale" - what is that all about?!

The nickname is indeed an indicator of a link to the James Bond franchise. Its link may not be quite as obvious as you think though.

The watch itself was never worn by our English hero, 007, however it does bears a striking resemblance to the watch worn by Roger Moore in the 1983 film, Octopussy - the Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100. Renowned for his love (one might say franchise love) of Rolexes and Omegas, the Seiko was a refreshing change for James Bond and was a clear sign of a shift in popularity of other watch brands.

And it is this resemblance that has almost "tricked" us into thinking there is something very James Bond-esque about this watch. But, heck, who are we to argue. There are clear similarities between the looks of the two watches and for the price, count me in! 


When it comes to picking out a watch strap there are always a few things I take into consideration. Let's take a look at the key elements I reviewed that influenced my decision for the Casio World Time AE-1200WH.

Design Specs

Although the case is stainless steel silver it is complemented by strong elements of black across the dial and in the outline of the case itself. The combination of the analog clock and the digital display certainly shows its homage to the Seiko G757 giving it its Bond-flair and an air of 80s classic attractiveness.

The combination of the black and silver colourings actually make it an easier watch to accessorise - no hot colours to have to take into consideration. However, alongside the more neutral colours, the design stylings and classic charisma were certainly consideration points when picking out a strap. 

How It Wears

Firstly, the original stainless steel strap was not in itself heavy, but a very noticeable feature of the Casio World Time is just how light it is! It truly is one of the easiest, almost weightless, watches to wear.

Therefore, I knew that I had to pick out a strap that did justice to the lightness and comfort of the watch. I certainly would not have wanted to pick out a monstrosity of a strap to deviate from the intended feel of the watch. 

Technical Specs

The last, maybe slightly less interesting but none-the-less important, spec to take into consideration was the lug width. Fortunately the Casio AE-1200WH comes with a relatively standard lug width when we consider availability of watch straps - coming in at the not uncommon 18mm lug width. No major challenges here then.


So, now I come to the strap that I have chosen for the "Casio Royale". In short I was looking for a light, comfortable, 18mm width watch strap that provided an air of gravitas, cockiness and confidence - the key character traits of the man of the moment - James Bond.

Additionally important to me was identifying a strap that looked great with the black and silver colour combination of the dial and case.

Ok, I think you know where this one is going!

Due to the necessity to identify a strap that was light enough for the Casio World Time I came down to a shortlist of two. It would either be a NATO watch strap or a Marine Nationale strap.

On this occasion though due to its lightness, durability and the fact that you can re-size the strap incrementally against your wrist for perfect comfort, I went with the Marine Nationale strap. But which style strap?

James Bond style Marine Nationale Watch Strap in Black and Grey

For my decision, I had to take inspiration from a more modern Bond - Mr. Daniel Craig. The Black and Grey striped design was most famously worn by Daniel Craig and has become synonymous with the term "James Bond watch strap". There are other designs that also fit the James Bond design mantra, but this had to be the one!

So there we have it - my choice of strap for the Casio World Time AE-1200WH - The James Bond Marine Nationale watch strap, which can be purchased here.

With that, there is just one last thing for me to share. The final look of course! Enjoy! 

Casio AE-1200WH on James Bond Marine Nationale strap in black and grey


The Thrifty Gentleman was founded in 2021 with the goal to provide great quality watch straps to customers looking to either replace a watch strap or to add another option to their collection with the intention to completely personalise their wristwear. All at a fantastic market leading price!

Founder Jonathan is an avid collector of budget watches and part of the fun has always been mixing and matching strap options. Over the years (even prior to the formation of The Thrifty Gentleman), people, whether customer, friends or family, have always asked Jonathan for his thoughts and advice on what watch straps would look great on their watch.

We hope that in this series of blogs we can give you some inspiration for your next watch strap purchase.

If you are struggling to identify a strap for your watch, please also feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. We would be more than happy to help!

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