4 Best Watch Straps for A Hot Spring and Summer

Man with rubber watch strap on watch reaching out to the sun

Suns out; guns out! Or so the saying goes, anyway. And with your guns out, there is more of your wrist on show for more of the time. Which surely has you asking yourself the question - what is the best watch strap for my watch this spring and summer?

Every watch lover wants to customize and adapt their fashion style based on the season they’re in and, to be honest, this should also include the watch strap you add to your watch.

Changing your watch strap throughout the seasons can be a great idea. And why is it a great idea? Because you can stylize and adapt your watch to your own personal desired look whilst also considering the comfort of your watch based on the changing seasons and temperatures.

In this article we will cover some of the best watch straps for spring and summer - straps that you can buy right now from The Thrifty Gentleman in our Spring / Summer 2023 collection.

So, what are the Best 4 watch straps you should be wearing throughout Spring and Summer?

1) NATO watch straps

Flieger watch with Green and Black stripe Seatbelt NATO watch strap

What we love about NATO watch straps is the fact that they come in so many styles; whether they are single colour or multicoloured meaning they can be a very interesting and visually appealing strap choice.

NATO straps are definitely one of the ideal options for spring or summer, because they can be very flexible to the outfit you’re wearing and, depending on the chosen strap, rather colourful as well – a perfect combination for the brighter months!

The NATO watch straps were developed in 1973 by the British Ministry of Defence and the focus was to offer soldiers watch straps that would last for a long time. Not all watch straps are durable (especially during a battle!) but the NATO watch strap definitely is. A great long-term option and often one of the most cost effective straps too.

That’s where NATO watch straps stand out. These straps are very durable, dependable and you can rest assured that they will withstand any type of damage or pressure you want to throw at them. The interesting thing to note is that the original NATO straps had different colours based on the various British military regiments available.

Nowadays the combination of colours on the NATO strap is extensive and isn’t confined to just military styles. What that means is you can get a personalized, unique and stylized look, while also bringing plenty of creativity into the mix. In addition, the great thing about these straps is that they stand out with their value and quality.

Depending on the NATO watch straps you choose, the interesting thing is that there’s a lot of room for customisation, whether it is the colour, the material or the style of the buckle and keepers. In addition to that, you can fully personalize your style and enhance your look, which isn’t necessarily the case with all watch strap options.

These straps are most often made out of nylon, so they won’t get damaged by sweat, a critical factor especially when compared to other materials such as leather, for example.

Check out this Seatbelt NATO Watch Strap in Green and Black. Available for only £8.99.

2) Rubber watch straps

Rolex Air-King homage on light blue Universal rubber watch strap

Is it a good idea to wear a rubber strap instead of other options during spring and summer? For sure!

The truth is that summer time in particular brings a lot of heat, so the last thing you want is to be having to deal with a watch strap that can't cope with it. So, what you want is to find a way to deal with the heat properly, and a rubber strap is ideal here.

Rubber is one of those materials that doesn’t get damaged by sweat. It also maintains elasticity, so it won’t feel rigid on your wrist. This is ideal during the spring and summer seasons, especially if you still want to perform strenuous activities like running, for example, where the affects of heat will be even greater.

Rubber is resistant to temperature changes and it is water resistant too. This means it’s very easy to wear and even if it has to deal with the elements, it will do so without any issues. Rubber doesn’t attract dirt, and it has quite a lot of moisture resistance. Because of that, we find it a versatile option and a pleasure to wear.

Plus, it’s also washable, so even if it gets a bit dirty, you can clean it and start using the strap again in no time as if it was new. Most rubber straps are also very affordable, so you can buy a bunch of them and use them the way you want, without limitations.

3) Perlon watch straps

Lacz Denton chronograph accessorised by Navy blue Perlon watch strap

Perlon straps have their own very distinct style, a style that was first invented in the mid-1950s in Germany. The important thing is that Perlon straps are made from flexible, durable and light nylon. Instead of a single strip, you have multiple nylon loops, all of which are very small.

So, what is the reason you would want to wear a Perlon strap in the summer? Because the design has lots of perforations. As a result, it delivers plenty of breathability, which is absolutely crucial during the summer months.

On top of that, you get elasticity and crispness which are ideal for your watch strap during the warmer seasons. Plus, the cross-weave makes it a super fashionable option – maybe even more so than other options on this list

Let’s not also forget that the Perlon strap allows even more smaller incremental adjustments in size and therefore, if your wrist starts to swell in the heat – no bother – a tiny adjustment in the sizing of the strap and you’re set! 

Find out exactly why a Perlon strap might just be your next most favourite watch accessory in this article right here.

Check out this Perlon Watch Strap in Navy Blue. Available for only £6.99.

4) Marine Nationale watch straps

Seiko watch mod with orange and white stripe Marine Nationale strap and orange lightning second hand

Marine Nationale straps are widely sought after thanks to their design aesthetics and great quality.

The French Marine Nationale, which is the oldest fighting navy, dating to 1642, bear the origin of these straps. But it was later in the 1960s/1970s when the French Naval arm sought a reliable way to hold their watch onto the wrist that this super fashionable watch strap was borne.

The reason why the Marine Nationale straps have now come into the mainstream is they offer people new ways to wear their watch and protect it especially during the summer period. In fact, many of the original design features are maintained today.

The Marine Nationale straps are all about practicality, although they also heavily focus on style. The original watch strap had a very powerful piece of elastic parachute cord which now has been replaced by elasticated nylon.

These straps are not thick, but instead the focus is to deliver comfort and style. The elasticated nylon offers quite a lot of comfort, since you receive plenty of flexibility. That alone shows the quality you get, and the experience is second to none.

It is no surprise the number of customers, new to the Marine Nationale strap, who say this is the most comfortable watch strap they have ever owned and worn. This is the type of strap that will fit pretty much any wrist size, so you can easily adapt and adjust it the way you want.

Check out this Marine Nationale Watch Strap in Orange and White Stripe. Available for only £9.99


As you can see, there are a large variety of watch straps you can wear during the spring or summer. Below we have outlined the Top 3 factors you need to consider when picking out your watch strap for the hotter months:

  • Style - how will it look against your change in wardrobe?
  • Comfort - how will the watch strap adjust as your wrist size changes due to the heat?
  • Sweat - how well will the material cope with the extra sweat caused by the increase in temperature?

    With these key factors in mind, whether you end up choosing the Marine Nationale strap, the NATO watch strap or one of the other options listed above, you will not go wrong. These all look and feel great, and they also offer the breathability and comfort you require during the hotter seasons.

    Switching from the original stock watch straps to these alternative options will give your watch that personalised feel, and it will really make a difference when it comes to quality, style and comfort.

    Give them a try for yourself and you will be amazed with these great watch strap options and the benefits they deliver!

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